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Project Week at Stadtteilschule Bramfeld

4 new videos

In cooperation with Kulturschloss Wandsbek, a project week on the history of Jewish Wandsbek took place in October. Young people from the 11th grade of the Bramfeld district school took part in the project and produced four different videos:

  1. One group dealt with the history of the Jewish community of Wandsbek. They created a tour and show which traces of the former community can still be found today.
  2. The Mazzotcompany Katz is the focus of another video. Once located in Neustadt, it later moved to Wandsbek. The young people researched and retold the story of this important institution.
  3. The fate of the Beit family from Wandsbek and their relative Erika Estis, née Freundlich, is reported in the third video. The students interviewed historian Astrid Louven to learn more about the Beit family. They were also very fortunate to be able to speak with Mrs. Estis via Zoom. She escaped Hamburg in 1938 with a Kindertransport. We would like to thank both interview partners!
  4. Wandsbek, like many other towns, had an Eruv. There were some fierce disputes about this. The discussions about this institution occupied the fourth group of students. They were also supported by Astrid Louven. Many thanks!

All videos can of course be found on our website. In addition, these films will also be published on a digital map of Jewish Wandsbek.