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Projekt week at Margarethe-Rothe-Gymnasium

2 new Videos

In the last week of September, eight students from grades 8 and 9 of Margarethe-Rothe-Gymnasium in Barmbek-Nord took part in Geschichtomat. They explored two different topics:

  • The Margarethe-Rothe-Gymnasium is located near the Stadtpark, where the Heinrich Heine Monument used to be until the National Socialist era. The history of this monument, as well as its current location, is explained by students in another video. The young people were supported in their research by the Geschichtswerkstatt Barmbek. Many thanks!
  • Also around the corner from the Gymnasium is Fraenkelstraße, which commemorates Prof. Dr. Eugen Fraenkel. He is considered the discoverer of cholera. Another group of students researched his biography. They visited the Museum of Medical History and spoke with Prof. Dr. Osten. We would like to thank him for this as well!

Have fun watching them!