Informations about the project

“Geschichtomat” is a weeklong student-driven project with the purpose of revealing Jewish history and culture in Hamburg. This one-of-a-kind German program permits students to experience the Jewish past and present life in their hometown.

During the project, students explore their neighborhood to understand its historical figures, places, and events. This way they engage with Jewish life. Under the supervision of experts in the disciplines of history and media education the students will: research, perform interviews with cultural authorities and contemporary witnesses, visit museums and archives, shoot and cut films, edit photos, and write accompanying texts. Finally, their contributions are uploaded to the geschichtomat.de website. Little by little a digital map of Jewish life from the perspective of teenagers will take shape.

In February 2013, “Geschichtomat” was implemented for the first time. Since then this successful project has been repeated more than fourty times contributing to over 800 student participations and the production of more than 200 short films. The Institute for the History of the German Jews is responsible for this project. Amongst others, the Office of Science of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Reinhard Frank Foundation contribute funding. The State Institute of Teaching and the State Center for Political Education are cooperating partners.