Feast of Lights


This video deals with the jewish holiday Hanukkah.
The hebrew word Hanukkah means "dedication". The feast remembers the jews about the history of their temple in Jerusalem and about the liberation of their people from greek rulers 2000 years ago. It is celebrated in the 3rd month of the jewish calendar (in the month of Kislew). In our calendar, Hanukkah is always located in the time between November and December. Hanukkah is celebrated with family and friends and deep-fried meals are eaten.
The holiday lasts 8 days in total.
We connected via Zoom with Assaf Levitin, the cantor of the jewish reform church, and he presented Hanukkah to us.

Angeliki, Zlata, Luca, Muhammed, Yavuzhan
Stadtteilschule Bahrenfeld, Klasse 9a


Stadtteilschule Bahrenfeld
Regerstra├če 21-25
22761 Hamburg



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