Project Week at Stadtteilschule Walddörfer

4 new Videos

At the beginning of June, Geschichtomat visited Stadtteilschule Walddörfer for the first time. 18 young people from the 10th grade took part in the project and produced four videos:

One group dealt with the fate of the Tuch couple. There are stumbling stones for them in Volksdorf and Billbrook. They were supported by Geschichtsraum Walddörfer. A second group interviewed Matthias Brandis, who researched the fate of his own family(ies). It can be read in the book "Meines Großvaters Geige" (My Grandfather's Violin). Group three devoted themselves to the Jewish religion and explained in their video what the Talmud is. The fourth group visited the memorial Plattenhaus Poppenbüttel and dealt with the history of the former subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp.

You can find the videos here.