Project Week at Goethe-Schule Harburg

5 new Videos

From January 30th to February 3rd, Geschichtomat was in a 9th grade class at Goethe School Harburg. 25 students researched the Jewish history of their district and produced five new films:

  • The first group presented an overview of Harburg's almost 350-year Jewish history. They were supported by Klaus Barnick from the Initiative Gedenken in Harburg and Jens Brauer from Hamburg's Archaeoligical Museum. The museum had a special exhibition on "Places of Jewish Life in Harburg" in 2021. The young people were allowed to draw on these research results.
  • The history of the Köhlbrand shipyard and its owner Paul Berendsohn was the focus of the second video. Reverend Hanno Billerbeck from the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial supported the young people and reported on the "Aryanization" of the shipyard under National Socialism as well as Paul Berendsohn's struggle after 1945 to get his company back.
  • What does actual remigration mean and what does it have to do with German-Jewish history? Group 3 explored these questions. Using a fictional story, they explained the concept of remigration. 
  • One remigrant was Arie Goral. He returned to Germany after 1945. He settled in Hamburg and worked for a strong culture of remembrance throughout his life. His estate is now in the archives of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. The young people in group four visited the archive and researched Arie Goral.
  • The last group was dedicated to Martha Glass and her Hamburg diary. Martha Glass, a native of Hamburg and a Theresienstadt survivor, did not return to Hamburg. But she did visit her old hometown and wrote diaries about her experiences. The fifth group of young people dealt with these notes.

As always, you can find all the films here. We hope you enjoy watching them!