Project Week at Christianeum

5 new Videos

Just before the summer vacations, 25 students from grades 6-9 from the Christianeum took part in the project. They explored five different topics:

  1. One group of students dealt with the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. Jacobsen came from a Sephardic family and designed the new Christianeum building.
  2. The Jewish cemetery on Köngstraße was the focus of a second video. The young people visited the site and dealt with the Ashkenazi section there.
  3. Dr. Käthe Starke-Goldschmidt lived near the Christianeum and a stumbling stone was laid for her. Her biography was researched by a group of students. Among other things, they visited the Ottensen archive and made an interview with Franziska Harloff.
  4. In their video, another group of students gives a brief insight into the history of Altona's Ashkenazi community. Since when has there actually been a community in Altona and which places are still connected to them today?
  5. Ritual slaughter is an important part of Judaism. Nevertheless, there is a lot of discussion about it, especially with regard to animal rights. One group interviewed historian Dr. Fabian Weber, who gave them insights into the practice of shechita as well as anti-Semitic currents in animal rights.

We hope you enjoy the videos!