Newsletter released

Newsletter 2.21

Dear friends and partners,

Fortunately, normality is returning to our work. Shortly before the beginning of the summer break, project weeks could finally take place again. A couple of restrictions still have to be dealt with, but this should not disturb us for the time being. We are happy to have new contributions on our website and to finally be able to work together with students again.

In the meantime, our previously announced explainatory videos have also been completed and can be viewed on our YouTube channel. If you've always wanted to know how to make a film, what equipment is needed, and which editing programs are suitable, be sure to check it out.

And finally, an announcement on our own behalf: from the end of June until mid-October 2021, Inka Le-Huu will head the project office as a pregnancy replacement. Feel free to direct your inquiries, requests and ideas to her. We look forward to future project weeks and collaborations!

We hope you have a great summer vacation and enjoy reading!

Carmen Bisotti and the Geschichtomat team

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