Exhibition about Max Halberstadt

Cooperation with the Hamburg Museum

On May 7, the exhibition The Photographer Max Halberstdt " artistically gifted personality" starts at Hamburg Museum. Due to the Corona pandemic, the official opening will be digital. It starts on May 6 at 7 p.m. with a film.

About the exhibition:
"Max Halberstadt (1882-1940) was one of Hamburg‘s best known portrait photographers of the 1920s. His popularity was due, not least, to the iconographic photographs of his father-in-law Sigmund Freud, which became the official portraits of the father of psychoanalysis and are still published worldwide to this day. However, even though his Freud portraits are in constant use, the name Max Halberstadt is unfortunately almost forgotten today. You will look in vain for him in the relevant photographer‘s encyclopedias. The exhibition shows not only portraits of Hamburg artists and members of the Jewish community, but also touching photos of children, as well as atmospheric insights into city life in Hamburg in the 1920s. Numerous print proofs document the broad context in which Max Halberstadt‘s diverse photographs were used. An educational programme for young people and adults will accompany the exhibition that deals with the topics of German persecution of Jews, their emigration and forced exile. The exhibition, curated by the literary scholar and publicist Dr Wilfried Weinke, aims to recognise the photographer and confirm his deserved place in Hamburg‘s photographic history."

Together with Geschichtomat a teaching offer for students is planned. Young people are invited to engage with the exhibition and Max Halberstadt's life. They will record their results in video format. The contributions will be published on the Geschichtomat website as well as on the museum's website. For this purpose, the digital city map of Hamburg can be found on the museum's website.

We are looking forward to the cooperation!