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Holocaust Education Revisited

A little reading tip:
The conference volume "Closeness and Distance: Holocaust Education Revisited" of the conference of the same name, which took place in February 2018 at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, has just been published. Based on numerous best practice examples, highlights are cast on current teaching in the field of Holocaust Education and Remembrance Culture. Included is also an essay on Geschichtomat:

"How can Jewish history be taught to young people in a "contemporary" way and close to everyday life? Using the example of the Hamburg school project Geschichtomat, an attempt will be made to find an answer to this question. The project encourages students to research history independently and to develop their own questions. In this way, it is intended to maintain a connection to Jewish culture, history and Jewish life that can rarely be taught in school lessons. The inclusion of digital media helps to make the project interesting and relevant to everyday life for students. They do research, visit museums and archives, meet contemporary witnesses and experts, and conduct interviews. The young people record their impressions in films, photos and texts, which they upload to a digital city map at at the end of the week. The embedding of the elaborated contributions on the Geschichtomat website ensures sustainability."

The volume is available in print, but can also be downloaded as a PDF here.