Digital Map

Geschichtomat is a digital city map of Jewish Hamburg from the perspective of young people who record their impressions in videos, photos and texts. What places are there to discover in your neighborhood?

Discover history

What are stumbling stones? Is there a synagogue in Hamburg? Are Jews still living here? Geschichtomat provides the answers! Students discover the Jewish history, culture and present of their neighborhood.


Discover your Jewish neighborhood

participatory, multimedia-based, multicultural

For Class

Over the past years, students in Hamburg have produced a wide variety of video clips on Jewish history, culture and the present in their city. In order to be able to use these clips in school, we provide a didactic guide and worksheets.  

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Further Projects

It is not only in Hamburg that German-Jewish history is being researched and digitally processed by tudents and young adults. Discover our cooperation projects.

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